Are you sick of applying online and never being contacted back?  Are you unsure of what advice is the best for you? Have you been looking for a job for a long time and still can't get hired?  Have you been trying everything to get hired and nothing seems to work?  And how are you supposed to know what advice on the Internet is right for you; or if its even good advice?

Written by Mark Lyden a Fortune 50 professional recruiter with almost 15 years of experience, these 3 books have the most  effective information you can find.  The best tips, tricks, and  techniques PROVEN to work  and advice that has already helped thousands get hired IN THIS DIFFICULT JOB MARKET! When nothing else works the advice in these three books will.  It will help you get HIRED!  So pick out the book for you and let's get you a job! 

Too much of the advice on the Internet is just WRONG!  Plus one size does NOT fit all.  Different people at different points in their careers need advice geared to them and for the unique challenges they face in obtaining a job.  You need a trusted source.  Someone who can tell you what will work for you in this difficult job market.  Someone who knows what works in this job market because he works recruiting people in this job market, and sees first hand what works and what doesn't!  
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Proven advice to help you get a job!

You can NOT expect to get a job in THIS difficult job market by doing the same old things and following the same old advice.  IT WILL NOT WORK!  It is time to get advice that has been PROVEN to work especially in this difficult job market.  Even when nothing else works, this advice WILL!

** The proceeds of all book sales are donated to charities that support Veterans and their families as well as the stray and abandoned animals of Logan's Run Rescue.**

College Grads if you need a job this will help you!

For Veterans & Soilders about to get out of the military.

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Proven advice to get 2013 College Grads hired when nothing else has worked!

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College Students:  DO THIS! GET HIRED! 
2nd Edition

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he advice in 1st Edition of College Students:  DO THIS! GET HIRED! has helped thousands of College Grads get jobs when they didn't have one; even after graduation.  The 2nd Edition is a MUST READ for any 2013 college grad that still needs employment and may be the only thing that helps them get a job offer!