Why take my Advice?

Perhaps the most important reason is that I recruit every day, in this difficult market, and I see who get's hired, who doesn't and why.  I see firsthand what works and what doesn't.  However, here is some additional information about my experience and why my advice is PROVEN to work:

1.)   I have been a Lead Recruiter for a Fortune 50 company for nearly 15 years and have already helped THOUSANDS get HIRED with the advice in these books, even in this difficult job market! 

  In my professional recruiting career, I have recruited for small, medium, and large-sized companies

  I have interviewed and screened THOUSANDS of candidates
4.)  I have created seminars and presented to over 10,000 at  recruiting events from coast to coast

5.)  I have designed and taught classes on every major job search topic including but now limited to: Applying Online, Resume Writing, Interviewing, How to Work The Career Fair, Cover Letters, Negotiating Salary, etc...
6.)  I have been a mentor for hundreds prospective candidates and have helped them get hired. 
7.)  I led or participated in well over 150 different career fairs and expos across the country

I recruited for all major skill groups both technical and non-technical majors from the college level all the way up to executive level

9.)  I have recruited for Secret and Top Secret programs

  I have been responsible for negotiating candidate salaries
11.)  I have hired or helped in the process of hiring thousands of candidates

12.)  I trained, advised, and taught well over 100 different people on how to recruit great people and the techniques to do so.
13.)  I have managed all aspects of an intern / co-op program with hundreds of students per year, many of which had been selected by me. This program has been rated amongst the best in the nation.

14.)  I continue to do all these things, full time, as my profession in this difficult job market, so I know what works and what doesn't!   

Questions for you to consider:

What would it be worth to you, to get all the best job search secrets, tips, tricks and techniques that actually works from a current, professional recruiter, with 15 years of experience?

What would it be worth to you to get advice that has been PROVEN to get people HIRED even in this difficult market?

What would it be worth to you to get information that has helped people get jobs when nothing else worked?   

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