Chapter 1: 
What Qualifies Me to Give You Advice:
  What my experience is so you can decide for yourself the value of my advice.

Chapter 2:
The Inside Story on College Recruiting:
  Those things you need to know that will really help you understant what college recruiters do and why we do it.

Chapter 3:
Things you Must Know and Embrace:
  6 Critical Pieces of Advice, plus specific advice for each year of college.

Chapter 4: 
  Not the same old advice every other book gives you. Included are 3 Killer Tips most students don't know that will really help you stand out in a positive way. 

Chapter 5:
Career Fair:
  Getting an interview is why you attend the career fair, so how to do it is spelled out for you. Includes 3 Huge Tips that could, on their own, get you the interview.    

Chapter 6:
Applying Online:
If you don't follow this advice, you probably won't get hired because chances are you won't even be considered. I give you 7 steps to follow that will give you a significant competitive advantage.

Chapter 7:
 I teach you one easy to remember method that really works. I walk you through it step by step. Also, I give you 3 Crazy Good tips and tell you the most effective way to follow up. 

Chapter 8:
Cover Letters:  The best way to write a cover letter, and why it can give you the edge.

Chapter 9: 
How to Negotiate Salary:  I show you exactly how you do it and teach you a technique that will maximize your chances at getting more money. 

Chapter 10:
The Getting Hired Time Line:
  There are windows of opportunity; realize them and take advantage.

Chapter 11:
Miscellaneous Advice for Technical and non Technical Majors:
  Some things you must try that ost don't, yet are extremely effective.

Chapter 12:
Working with your Career Center:
How to do it and what you really can get out of it. This is more important than you might think.

Chapter 13: 
Summary, Review, and Don't Be an Idiot:
  What is the point if you don't follow the advice?

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College Students

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