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* Most candidates don't get called back. Most candidates don't get an interview. Most candidates don't get job offers. Why? Because most candidates are still trying the same old advice. Most candidates are blindly following advice that may have worked in the past but doesn't in this job market. I will teach you what works for THIS difficult job market.

*  Yes there are fewer jobs out there and more people are competing for them, but all you need is one!  But to get that one, you have to do those things that get you noticed and get you hired; things different and better than all the other candidates.  I reveal what they are!

What you will learn about:

1.  The way you are writing your resume is obsolete.  There is a new way to do it few know about...but those few are getting contacted.

2.  Applying Online is a skill.  You must cater your resume to each job; I call it "reverse engineering" your resume.  I tell you how to do it with 7 critical steps.  If you are not getting calls after you apply, this is why.

3.  Cover Letters:  There are a ton of way to do it.  One way is the best and most effective at getting employers interest.

4.  Can't get an offer without doing great in the interview.  Doing good in the interview will not be enough but if you follow my advice on interviewing, you will be great...and you will get offers.

5.  Want more money?  Yes in this difficult job market if you get an offer you should ALWAYS ask for more.  But doing it the right way, the most effective way I have seen, will help you get more money.

6.  In your 50's or 60's and worriied about employers shying away because of your age?  Well, got a whole chapter on how to combat that...and it just worked for a 64 year old woman who got laid off but could not afford to retire.

7.  Many, many more things...but NOT 101 things you should try, just what has worked the best and has helped other professions just like you get HIRED!

For about the price of a Pizza, you can have the most up-to-date, PROVEN advice that works in this job market.