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Proven advice to help you get a job!

"Mark was great at spotlighting the benefits of his book and I was impressed…. You see Mark was holding back and being humble. His book is one of the best guides I have seen for helping anyone"… JW Najarian

"I was blown away by the depth of his [the Author Mark Lyden] knowledge and solution based information is an understatement"…. Todd M. Hecht

"Thoroughly enjoyed reading the publication. Your insight to helping educate our returning vets is remarkable." …Gene Clark

"The information is straight forward and easy as hell to understand. I followed his advice in chapters 2&3 to the letter. I saw immediate results on the same day I posted my resume by getting 3 requests for interviews. Mark is on- target with this information."
Matt K.

For months, my job search had become a process of trial and error. This book put the deluge of information I've found on how to search for a job in an easily understandable priority. The book is straight forward and you don't feel like you're spending your valuable time reading". E. Wallace

"The book … was designed to educate. It’s written in plain and simple English, with nothing fancy; no big words; nothing to intimidate; nothing to slow you down. Just solid information and guidance from someone who „knows.‟ Simply put... if you want to up the odds of getting hired, read the book. It’s worth the money and time, neither of which is much expense.
Bob Schecter

"I find that oftentimes the job search candidate is inundated with so much informative job search material they lose site of the purpose, which is to land a job! In my opinion, Mark Lydens' book cuts to the chase and presents precisely what is needed to successfully land a job in a most focused no nonsense fashion ."… Roger H. Siegrist

Reviews & Results

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