Veterans have unique challenges when getting out of the military and trying to find a job in the civilian work force.  The advice out there at best is fragmented and at worst is just wrong.  I know this because for almost 15 years I have been a professional recruiter for a Fortune 50 company, which is one of the largest US Defense contractors in the world.  I have a chance to see first hand the challenges, successes, problems, and even mistakes veterans make when they are trying to find a job, and I know I can help.

I have consulted with vets from around the country, in all four branches of our military, to ensure that I have captured and addressed all the major challenges, issues, and problems vets face when trying to get a job in this difficult job market.  Now let me take what I have learned, plus my experience and help you get a job!          

QUESTION:  Many, many vets ask me, "Why don't companies seem to understand the value of my experience in the military and how it can help them?"

ANSWER:  There are many reasons.  But most all of those reasons are because they don't speak your language and they struggle to see how your experience in the military actually transfers over to what they do.  BUT I know how to teach you to speak their language in a very short period of time.  And I can teach you so well that they will have little choice but to put you in the "yes" pile, and strongly consider you for the job!

Still NOT 100% convinced you should buy the book right now?  Fair enough. 
I have two questions for you?

1.  What is it worth to you to get advice that WOULD help you get a job?

2.  How much was your bill the last time you went out to a restaurant for pizza?.....Because for less than that bill, you can buy the book and have a chance at getting some great advice that just might make the difference between you getting hired or not getting hired.  



QUESTION:  How Can I Help You? 

ANSWER:  Because I recruit people for a living I have direct exposure to what works and what doesn't for veterans in today's challenging job market.  I see and talk with veterans all the time and see what they do wrong or where they could improve. 

QUESTION:  What makes the information in the book different from what is already out there?

ANSWER:  Look at the source of any advice before you decide to follow it.  Anyone can put up a You Tube video or a posting saying they are an expert in anything.  How do you know if the advice you are reading on the Internet or in a book is good or bad?  Recruiting, evaluating, screening  and getting people hired is what I do every day.  In this book I am NOT going to give you 100 different things you can try.  I am only going to give you what works best, what has been PROVEN to work, and what has helped thousands get hired when nothing else worked.  Plus, I will do it in a easy to use, easy to understand format that you will very quickly learn with little effort. 

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