Veterans can NOT get a job in this difficult job market by:

1.  Following the same advice that has worked in the past.

2.  Following the antiquated and old advice consistently given to them

3.  Trusting the advice on the Internet.  Yes there is some great advice, but 50% of the time the advice is just bad.

Veterans need a NEW, up-to-date approach that is PROVEN to work in THIS difficult job market!

Still NOT 100% convinced you should buy the book right now? 
Fair enough.
I have two questions for you?

1.  What is it worth to you to get advice that WOULD help you get a job?

2.  How much was your bill the last time you went out to a restaurant for pizza?.....Because for less than that bill, you can buy the book and have a chance at getting some great advice that just might make the difference between you getting hired or not getting hired.  



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